Professor Keith Grint

Thought Leader

About Keith

Keith is Professor of Public Leadership at Warwick University. He has held Chairs at Cranfield University and Lancaster University and was Director of the Lancaster Leadership Centre. He spent twelve years at Oxford University and was Director of Research at the Saïd Business School and Fellow in Organizational Behaviour, Templeton College. He remains an Associate Fellow of the Saïd Business School and of Green Templeton College, Oxford as well as holding many other associate fellow positions internationally.

Keith spent 10 years in industry before switching to an academic career and has been variously employed as an agricultural labourer, a factory worker, an industrial cleaner, a removals worker, a freezer operative, a swimming pool attendant, a postman, a clerical worker, and a part-time karate teacher.

He is a founding co-editor of the journal Leadership published by Sage and founding co-organizer of the International Conference in Researching Leadership.


The Sociology of Work 3rd edition 2005; Leadership (ed.) 1997; Fuzzy Management 1997; The Machine at Work: Technology, Work and Society, (with Steve Woolgar) 1997; The Arts of Leadership 2000; Leadership: Limits and Possibilities  2005; Leadership, Management & Command: Rethinking D-Day 2008; Sage Handbook of Leadership (edited with Alan Bryman, David Collinson, Brad Jackson and Mary Uhl-Bien) 2010; Sage Major Works of Leadership (four volumes) (ed. with David Collinson & Brad Jackson) 2011. Sage Historic Perspectives on Leadership & Governance (three volumes) (ed. with Simon Johnson, David Collinson and Brad Jackson) (forthcoming).