Team Effectiveness & Facilitation

“I have never before experienced such skilled team facilitation and as a result our team has taken a significant step forward” Managing Director, Book Distributor

High Performing Teams

Skilled facilitation enables a leader and his or her team to develop into a High Performing Team. Research shows that team development, regular review of how team members are working together and open feedback between each other, makes it more likely that teams will deliver great results.


TeamTalks is a unique Hennessy Consulting team intervention designed to take teams from good to great. Using a structured flow of activities, teams find that they quickly get talking in a natural and easy way about themselves, their business goals, where they are pulling together and, as trust develops, where there are differing views. After a series of one day or half day sessions, teams become stronger together and deliver results more consistently as a leadership team.

Benefits to your business

You will find competitive advantage from

  • Accelerated effectiveness of newly formed teams
  • Your leadership team speaking with a united voice to internal and external stakeholders
  • Visible collective leadership in times of change and uncertainty
  • The leadership team seen as an asset for your business

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Collaboration has been developed by Hennessy Consulting as a cross-team intervention. You know that business results slip as politics and silos deepen. This can paralyse an organisation as information is held back, mistakes covered up, lip service given and decisions deferred or remade. Collaboration is a psychological process that creates connections peer-to-peer across different organisational levels, allowing relationships to develop across silos and prompting problem solving on the spot. Escalation will become a rare and useful process for key decisions rather than a default in turf wars.

Benefits to your business

These include:

  • Higher levels of engagement and identity with the overall organisation,
  • People doing what’s best for the business as a whole (not just their patch)
  • Increased comfort to explore key issues and challenges in cross team meetings

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